VisionMembers of  diverse Texas communities are economically and socially integrated, and engaged in civic life

Texas communities value and promote community inclusivity, development, and well-being through advocating solutions for local challenges

Gov. Abbott

Texas Governor Greg Abbott

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Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, Dr. Walter Wilkerson, and Marisa Rummell

Texas Attorney/ Former U.S. Senate Candidate Linda Vega, and Montgomery County Judge MaryAnn Turner

 The Hope Consortium logo-page-0The Texas HOPE Consortium

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CONVENES JANUARY 25, 2017 10 am at Lone Star Family Health Center in Conroe, TX

I’m proud to have presented this unique initiative in September 2016!  We had a full house and wonderful feedback on community resource concerns.  I look forward to continuing our dialogue in Jan. 2017!

The mission of this consortium is to be a resource for community resource professionals serving diverse communities.  With the support of the Committee on Emerging Communities in Montgomery County, TX, I will seek to engage our resource communities in new ways that more fully tap the potential of our changing communities.  Providing a space for dialogue and exchange, the consortium “hopes’ to be a force for positive, innovative community building.  I want to thank my peers and friends for their continued support of my efforts, and those of the amazing professionals guiding these invaluable endeavors.

Please contact me at texasfamilias@outlook.com for more information

Women Shaping Communities

will begin in 2017!  An innovative new effort to raise the value and voice of diverse women in society.

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MCLatina is a county-wide initiative that celebrates, supports, and promotes the progress of local Latinas in family life, professions, and leadership.

The first pilot group of emerging latinas launched in 2012, and will be working with community partners to develop opportunities for new voices in small communities.  On March 30, 2012, Dr. Luis Torres, from the University of Houston, presented information on the research on Latina suicide in the U.S. and its contributing factors.  Dr. Torres reviewed Dr. Zayas’ research on the topic, and emphasized the importance of support systems for our young women.

Our MCLatina Madrina Mentors, members, and Legacy Leaders are beginning to serve the local community through their leadership and inspiration.  In 2015 they outreached to little girls in the Conroe KidsFest, started new classes for new members, and provided 87 families with pantry supplies at the Christmas pantry drive.  In 2016 MCLatinas helped organize and MC the first Young Women’s Conference at Caney Creek High School.

The MCLatina Valor effort brought the support of women to women in isolated, rural communities with monthly meetings on topics important to their families.  These gatherings led by Maria Banos Jordan has increased awareness and resource connections for these families with the help of local leaders and organizations.

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MCLatina Inspira!  November 8, 2012

A dynamic panel of professional Latina women from the community shared their inspiring personal story of struggle and success with a wonderful audience of local Latinas.  Lone Star College Montgomery was our event partner, and welcomed young women from around the county.  This was part of our Council’s larger initiative to strengthen communities through the development of our women’s potential.  Thank you Montgomery County for welcoming this worthy effort!


 “The Deerwood Familia Project” – Community development 2009-2016

In the Spring of 2010 several community resource professionals collaborated in an effort to provide guidance and support to a growing community east of Conroe.  The community of Deerwood was developed almost thirty years ago, and soon grew to include over 350 families feeding two school districts.

 The Deerwood Familia Project involved resident volunteers guided by professionals with the Deerwood Familia Project Advisory Council.

Engaging Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Local Government , Latino Professionals, Community Resources, School Districts, Law Enforcement, MCLatina Charla women’s group, and direct guidance and support from TXFC Members.  During these years the community faced challenges, but achieved their primary objectives successfully.  The community now moves forward with their vision of a stronger community for their children, and we pray for continued blessings. Gracias Deerwood!


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